What Can a Good Custom Balance Board Bring?

What Can a Good Custom Balance Board Bring?

Nowadays, with the rise of standing desks, studies have shown that standing for long periods of time is as bad as sitting, and can cause lower limb swelling and muscle fatigue. A good custom-made balance board can make your legs move regularly and enhance blood circulation, thereby helping to offset these negative effects.

Practice has proved that supplementing your standing desk with a high-quality customized balance board has many health benefits.

Using a custom balance board is considered a low-impact weight-bearing exercise. This type of exercise can increase bone quality, prevent osteoporosis and improve daily functional exercises such as bending, straightening and turning.

A 2017 study found that balance training can improve memory and spatial cognition. For people who cannot do aerobic training due to work, health or time constraints, using a custom balance board is a good choice. Aerobic training is an exercise that has been proven to enhance cognitive ability. Sitting for long periods of time at work can cause muscle degeneration. By using a customized balance board, you can exercise the lumbar spine area. This stabilizes the muscles and strengthens the core muscles, so your body can bear its own weight when moving. In addition to core muscles, it can also exercise the back, shoulders, buttocks and leg muscles. The customized balance board takes the standing part of your standing work environment to a whole new level. In addition to making it more interesting, it also adds the micro movements required to stay upright, allowing you to perform mini exercises throughout the day. This means that when the weekend comes, when you try to catch up with the weekly exercise, sudden high-intensity exercise will not shock your body.

The advantage of using low-impact activities like custom balance boards is that they are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

According to a 2018 study, using a custom balance board at work increases energy consumption and oxygen compared to sitting and standing. The heart rate also increases with the use of standing and balance boards. Fatigue increases over time while standing, while sitting down and maintaining a balance board gradually stabilize after 30 minutes. The productivity is the same in all three working conditions. Supplementing your standing desk with a custom balance board can increase your activity without affecting your productivity. With the help of the balance board, you can stay active and increase your agility, which can prevent sleepiness in the office. Balance board training can improve spatial awareness, coordination ability, language development ability, concentration and strengthen the ankle joint to prevent injury.



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