What are the Distinguishing Skills of Indoor and Outdoor Basketball?

What are the Distinguishing Skills of Indoor and Outdoor Basketball?

Regarding the question of how to distinguish indoor and outdoor basketball, the first thing you need to understand is what is indoor basketball, what is outdoor basketball, and the difference between the two applicable occasions. Regarding these two questions, the following will answer them one by one.

1. The difference between the two applicable occasions

The floor of the indoor basketball hall is made of wooden floor, and the floor contains keel, the floor is soft, and it takes much effort to shoot the ball. The racket is high and flexible in outdoor basketball courts. At the same time, the indoor basketball must be inflated enough, otherwise it will not be shot.

2. What is indoor basketball and what is outdoor basketball?

Outdoor basketball is characterized by convex and concave graininess, and the leather has a hard feel. Indoor football is characterized by a flat surface and a sticky touch that can be easily picked up.

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