Hopper Animal

Hopper Animal

The jumping inflatable hopper animal (bouncy hopper) is children's favorite playmate! Your little ones will learn balance and coordination while riding on it and having fun!
Among other manufacturer of inflatable space hopper, Actearlier has rich experience in designing and producing kids animal hopper. Welcome to contact Shangrao ActEarlier Co.,LTD to get inflatable hopper animal for your children.

The inflatable animal hopper fully complies with EU & US Toy Safety Standards. It contains no US banned phthalates and heavy metal elements. Safe to play! Conforms to the safety requirements of EU EN71, US CPSIA & ASTM F963.

Types of Inflatable Animal Hopper

How to Inflate the Inflatable Animal Hopper

  • Find the inflation port on the animal hopper. After finding the inflation port, pull out the inflation plug and inflate it
  • Use the foot type or ordinary pump to add air into inflatable animal hopper. When the air is full, insert the plug quickly.

Attention points:
  • Do not inflate too much, 90% is enough.
  • Do not fill with high pressure gas or pump with high pressure gas cylinder.
  • Do not touch sharp tools during inflation and use of inflatable space hopper.
  • Keep away from fire source during inflation and use.

How to Maintain the Inflatable Animal Hopper

  • Before deflating the inflatable animal hopper, clean the surface of the toy with a semi dry towel, deflate after drying, fold and store in a cool and clean place.
  • If the animal hopper is not well kept and water enters, put them in a dry and ventilated place until it is drained. Do not store them with water.
  • If hopper animals for toddlers are stored for a long time, they should be checked regularly for moisture.

Applications of Inflatable Animal Hopper

  • Inflatable animal hopper can be kept at home for children's entertainment.
  • Animal hopper can be provided for children to play games at family gatherings
  • In kindergarten, hopper animals for toddlers can be used as props in class
  • In supermarkets, inflatable space hopper can be placed in the children's specialty area to attract customers' attention.

Why Choose Actearlier Inflatable Animal Hopper

  • The inflatable animal hopper of Actearlier fully complies with EU & US Toy Safety Standards. It contains no US banned phthalates and heavy metal elements.
  • With different colors and types, bouncy animal toy of Actearlier is more favored by children.
  • The design of no sharp angle and anti slip ensures the safety of two children when playing.
  • The bottom of Actearlier inflatable animal hopper is treated with thick layer. It can bear more pressure, so that children can play more easily.

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