The Training Principle and Function of Agility Ladder

The Training Principle and Function of Agility Ladder

1. The training principle of agility ladder

The principle of the agility ladder is to use a ladder rope to enhance the ability of the small muscle groups of the ankle joint, knee joint and sole of the foot by changing the pace. It is often used in football, basketball, boxing and other events to improve the coordination and flexibility of athletes. The agility ladder can help improve your multi-directional speed and acceleration, increase the nervous system's memory of speed, and allow you to make fast movements in all directions when necessary.

2. The role of agility ladder

1) From a warm-up perspective

Get rid of the dullness of treadmills and other aerobic equipment, the agility ladder provides a great multi-plane (sagittal plane, frontal plane and horizontal plane) dynamic warm-up, which can improve the excitability of neuromuscular and muscles in a short period of time. Temperature and elasticity;

2) From the perspective of football and basketball training

Agility quick ladder training is very consistent with the characteristics of these two special sports. It can develop the connection between the brain and the muscles. It is also good for eccentric contraction and stability, and accelerates the reaction time to the ball. To enable the players' physical fitness to develop in a coordinated, reasonable, and comprehensive manner, especially for football players, fast movement of footsteps is a necessary basic exercise. Of course, you can also increase the training intensity and training volume to achieve the effect of training speed and explosive power.

But it is worth noting that when all training is carried out with maximum speed and maximum explosive power, it will hinder the development of strength and explosive power and affect the training effect.

Although the function of agility ladder is very attractive. But don't want to use it to train all your abilities in a training session. Doing so will lead to overtraining and injury. If you want to develop other abilities, you can add other training to the weekly training plan.



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