The Influence of

The Influence of "Three Techniques" on Soccer Ball Quality is Very Different

1. Classification of Soccer balls according to production process

Generally speaking, Soccer balls can be roughly divided into three categories according to different production processes: hand-sewn, machine-sewn and seamless bonding. The Soccer balls produced by the three processes will also have corresponding differences in quality.

2. Soccer ball characteristics of different crafts

1. The hand-sewn Soccer balls are made by hand with each needle and each piece. Most of them are hard, with great rebound force when kicking. The flight line of the trainer soccer ball is relatively stable. The quality is durable and the ball is strong and durable, and the price is higher. There are two types of machine-sewn Soccer balls, one is general rubber liner and the other is cloth liner.

2. Each stitch of the machine-sewn ball is sewn by the machine, and the last two sides are left to be sewn by hand. The thread is thin and the needle hole is small. The stitching can be seen on the appearance of the ball, and the price is relatively low.

3. Seamless hot bonding Soccer ball is now the mainstream international ball. In high-level Soccer ball leagues, whether it is the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and other leagues, hot bonding Soccer ball is used. Its advantage is that it can ensure that the ball is not easy to deform, and the flight speed of the ball is relatively stable and fast, but the price is correspondingly high.

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