The Global Development Trend of Soccer Ball

The Global Development Trend of Soccer Ball

How to improve the skills of playing basketball

The youth basketball promotion program can effectively promote the social status of basketball. Basketball is a sport that boys look forward to in physical education. However, we are very troubled by not knowing the tricks of playing basketball. So how should basketball be played? Here are some techniques for playing basketball tactical board, let's take a look.

Ⅰ. Basketball training method: jump training

Standing on the steps, the steps can have a certain height, allowing your thigh to be parallel to the ground after stepping on one foot. Then you need to jump away with full strength, remembering to complete the change of feet in the air at the time of the jump. Just jump one after another, this is a very good basketball tactical board training method.

Ⅱ. Basketball action use form: use the changes of body parts and organs to consciously use the shift of sight or attention

The goal that the offensive and defensive players are watching is not necessarily the direction that they are about to adopt. For example, the direction of the players' eyes when passing the ball is not necessarily the direction of the pass. Use words, signals and other actions. The prompts of the players' words are to deceive the opponent, which is different from the actual actions. If the defensive players shouted for joint defense, the marking was reduced at halftime. Use changes in body parts. Swaying head and shoulders before turning back; shaking the body when disjointed and preventing disjoint; passing before shooting or breaking; swinging left, right, forward and back before passing; no change in footsteps of team members ; Straddle before breaking with the ball, etc.

I believe that everyone has an understanding of the youth basketball promotion program. You should not be too anxious to improve the basketball tactical board shooting action, otherwise the improvement will get worse.



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