The Economic Benefits of Rugby

The Economic Benefits of Rugby

The opening ceremony of rugby in London, England attracted more than 500,000 foreign tourists. According to the study of the British Economic Department, rugby matches held every four years can drive at least £2.2 billion in output, including restaurants, bars, and sports venues. In addition, the competitions will also drive the television broadcast revenue.

Sports events are not only a two-team game on the field, but also a competition for commercial capital. According to Forbes magazine, the commercial value brought by sporting events will have a relatively large contribution to the UK's GDP. The cost of live broadcasting and advertising is in the tens of millions of dollars. Sports competitions are not only a form of entertainment. In addition to the viewing of the game and satisfying the entertainment of the audience, there are also many innovations and highlights around the profit goal. TV, media, websites, consumer products, marketing activities, etc., with consumer entertainment demand as the value point, with many innovations, promote the economic development.

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