Custom printed volleyballs are a good choice for volleyball lovers to show their characteristics. Our custom printed volleyball is available in a variety of bright and energizing designs, which are perfect for the beach game.

Among other volleyball manufacturers, Actearlier has rich experience in designing and producing custom made volleyball. Welcome to contact Shangrao ActEarlier Co.,LTD to get custom made volleyball.

Custom Volleyball Ball for Sale

For the beginners, or those just looking to have fun with some friends, the soft play volleyball is the ideal choice. The synthetic, sponge-backed cover provides a super-soft feel in a range of colors, while the machine-sewn construction offers enhanced durability.

The Charm of Playing Custom Volleyball

Reducing weight
Playing custom made volleyball is a whole body slimming exercise. When jumping, spiking, or moving fast, fat will speed up the decomposition and combustion, so as to effectively reduce the weight of all parts of the body.

Strengthening muscle
When playing custom volleyball, the muscles of the whole body will be stimulated. The bouncing action can not only exercise the leg muscles, but also exercise the hip muscles

Regulating the nervous system
Playing personalized volleyball can make the nervous system more flexible, such as inattention, mental weakness. It can also receive unexpected adjustment effect.

Why Custom Made Volleyball is Popular

Volleyball originated in the United States in 1895. At first, it was a kind of game in which two teams stood on the basketball court with a net hanging on it. They played basketball bravely on the net and didn't make it fall to the ground. Later, W.G. Morgan, the director of the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts, created the volleyball game.
Gradually, the volleyball is famous around the world. In order to show the characteristics, people prefer to order the custom volleyball.

The Postures of Playing Personalized Volleyball

There are three postures of playing custom made volleyball, choose anyone according to your preference.

Half squat preparation posture
When playing custom volleyball, two feet open slightly wider than the shoulder, one foot in front, two toes slightly adduction, two knees bent into a half squat. Lift the heels slightly, lean forward slightly, relax the arms, bend naturally, and place the hands in front of the abdomen. The body relaxes properly, two eyes gaze at the ball, two feet always keep micro motion.

Slight squat preparation posture
If you want to use this posture to play custom made volleyball, the center of gravity of the body moves forward slightly, and the bending degree of the knees is less than that of the half squat.

Full squat preparation posture
If you play custom volleyball with this posture, the distance between the left and right feet and the front and back is wider than that in the squat preparation position, the degree of bending of the knees is greater, the body center of gravity is lower and more forward, the vertical line of the knees exceeds the toes, and the two arms are placed between the chest and abdomen.

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