Training Cone

Training Cone

Product Features

The plastic training cones can be used in football training, basketball training or some interesting games. With different kinds of color, the plastic sports cones can clearly mark anything, anywhere. It is very popular around the world. As a professional manufacturer of plastic sports cones, Actearlier has several years in producing and sale experience. We can provide you excellent plastic sports cones. Welcome to consult and purchase.

Specifications of sports training cones:

- 12 Piece Set of Nesting Cones 
- Cone Length: 7 Inches / 9 inch
- Yellow,Green,Red,Blue, customized
- Plastic 
- Lightweight & Safe For Children 
- Great For Pretend Play, Obstacle Courses, Decorative Prop & Training Pets 
- Great for Sports and Outdoor Activities 

Characteristics of Plastic Training Cones

  • Durable
  • Made with quality plastic, the plastic training cones are made to withstand the elements, and long hours of rough playtime with kids
  • High visibility colors
  • Bright, easy to see colors to clearly mark anything, anywhere. On the field, at the gym, or across the parking lot. With fade resistant, plastic training cones will stay brighter for longer.

Applications of plastic training cones:

  • Perfect for a variety of sporting events
This 12-pack of plastic sports cones can be used for an assortment of outdoor and indoor activities, including learning how to park a car or how to turn a motorcycle. Plus, you can play dozens of different games if you use them just right!

  • Ideal for team activities
If you are concerned that your children are spending too much time on their own, these plastic sports cones will change all that. Let them play with their siblings or invite a few friends over and let the games begin!

The Games with Plastic Sports Cones

  • The blind carries the lame
Set the plastic sports cones in the different positions as the obstacles. In pairs, one person covers his eyes with a gauze towel and carries the other person on his back. The person on the back guides the way for the "blind man", bypasses the obstacles and reaches the destination. The early comer wins.

  • Telesthesia
Set sports training cones as the turning points. Two people are in each group. They hold a ball back to back and walk forward in step. When arriving at the turning point, people need go back to the starting point, and the next group beginn to move forward. When walking forward, both hands can't touch the ball, otherwise a penalty of 2 seconds. If the ball falls, restart the game from the starting point. The first to finish wins.

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