Speed Training

Speed Training

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SPEED & POWER TRAINING -- Running sprint chute provides excellent resistance training for improving speed, stamina, strength, and acceleration. The resistance chute is great for sports and fitness explosive power training
 EASY PARACHUTE TRAINING -- Chute will release while running speeding, the faster you run, the stronger resistance it will be. The speed chute is conducive to improve muscle endurance and enhance the ability of adjusting the direction while running in high-speed
ADJUSTABLE WAIST BELT -- The waist belt is connected with the resistance chute that can strengthen the stability and safety of the movement effectively. And the adjustable belt with velcro can fit 40-56in waist circumference easily, just feel free to adjust to adapt you
IGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE -- The ultra-light running parachute can be easily blown up by the wind to increase the effect of training. Portable design that can be easily folded down to fit in the carrying bag equipped, convenient to carry and use anywhere
 GREAT TRAINING EQUIPMENT FOR LOTS OF SPORTS -- The speed and power resistance training parachute is a ideal trainer for Running, Soccer, Cycling etc

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  • Speed Training
  • Speed Training
  • Speed Training
  • Speed Training
  • Speed Training
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