Soccer Dummy

Soccer Dummy

Product Features

Actearlier's soccer inflatable dummy is made of multi-layer PVC material, durable and easy to use, no-toxic and very safe to kids.

Application of Soccer Dummy

The soccer dummies can be used in football match, football training and baseball training. Soccer training dummies don't hurt people around them because they are soft while hitting. You don't need to worry about it falling, because it will bounce back.

Features of Inflatable Soccer Dummy

The soccer training dummies are developed for free kick training and goalkeeping training.
Each inflatable soccer dummy has a base filled with water for stability, which will keep it from ever falling when hit by a ball or a player's body during sports.
They can be used on any surface such as artificial grass, natural grass, gym floor.

Material of Inflatable Soccer Dummy

In order to maintain the high quality standard inflatable soccer dummy , we only choose best PVC material suppliers who have EN71,UL, SGS certificates. Plato material is the best quality but also the most advanced material for PVC tarpaulin, period. That insures our best quality construction and reliability for our clients.

Advantages of Training with Soccer Practice Dummies

(1) Simulation of human
With height of 175cm, inflatable soccer dummy is suitable for adult and adolescent.
Simulation of human makes the training scene more realistic.

(2) Tumbler design
The inflatable soccer dummy can bear the shooting power of players, and automatically return to upright after being knocked down.

(3) Easy to handle
The inflatable football dummy is attached with handle, which can be moved to the training ground at any time.
After use, it can be quickly drained and deflated for storage.

(4) Waterproof and wear resistant material
Adopting PVC material, the inflatable soccer dummy is waterproof and wear resistant.

How to Use Inflatable Soccer Dummy

  • Step 1: before use, take the inflatable soccer dummy to a place convenient for inflation and water filling.
  • Step 2: remove the inflatable football dummy from the bag. Do not let the dummy touch the sharp tool or rough surface to avoid damage.
  • Step 3: open the water valve at the bottom of the inflatable soccer dummy and fill it with water as much as possible to ensure that the dummy can return to upright even if it is knocked down. When covering the water valve cover, pay attention to press the edge of the whole valve to ensure that the water valve is closed.
  • Step 4: find the air valve, open the cover anticlockwise, and then insert the air pipe to pump air.
  • Step 5: after filling, close the air valve and take the inflatable football dummy to the use site.

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