Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball

Personalised soccer ball is popular in the world, because a lot of people like playing soccer. Soccer ball is a kind of sport which is dominated by feet. Two teams attack and defend each other on the same rectangular court according to certain rules. Because of its strong antagonism, changeable tactics and large number of participants, soccer is called "the first sport in the world".

As you go purchasing a ball, it is important that you make the best choice not just to go along with the federations requirements. As a professional manufacturer of soccer ball, Actearlier can provide soccer ball personalised for your own demand. Also custom soccer ball with pictures are available from us. You can see the photos of custom soccer balls below. 

Sizes of custom made soccer ball

Normally, Soccer ball surface material have 3 type, PVC , PU , TPU ,Leather thickness 1.0mm-4.0mm. Soccer balls in different sizes have different weight. However, the most important aspect for many players is the size. For example ,
Size 1# Soccer Ball: 130g-160g  And  Size 2# Soccer Ball: 140g-170g , Age group preference: Any age
Size 3# Soccer Ball: 270g-300g , Age group preference: 8 years and younger
Size 4# Soccer Ball:  360g-390g,Age group preference: 8-12 years
Size 5# Soccer Ball: 400g-450g Age group preference: 12 and above

More product information on custom printed soccer ball, please visit below product detail. If you want to personalize your own soccer balls to make your own soccer ball, please leave a message or email us via info@actearlier.com.

Types of custom made soccer ball

The origin of soccer ball

The predecessor of modern soccer ball originated from the ball game "Cuju" in Zizhou (today's Zibo city), Shandong Province in ancient China. Later, it was spread from China to Europe by Arabs, and gradually evolved into modern soccer ball. Modern football began in England. In 1848, Cambridge Rules, the first written rule in the history of soccer ball, was born. On October 26, 1863, England established the world's first Soccer Association and unified the rules of soccer ball competition. In 1872, England and Scotland held the first formal inter Association match in the history of soccer ball. In 1900, soccer was officially included in the second summer Olympic Games.

Now people are not satisfied with using ordinary soccer ball, they all pursue personalised soccer balls by designing their own soccer ball to show their different tastes.

The advantages of playing soccer ball

  • Playing personalised soccer ball can increase the body's cardiopulmonary function reserve and effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiopulmonary disease.
  • People can promote the metabolism of the body and improve the body's immunity by playing custom made soccer ball.
  • Playing personalised soccer ball can increase the core strength of muscle and improve reaction speed and strain capacity

Most soccer balls are played outdoors, so people can also get more sunlight to promote the absorption of calcium.

FAQS of personalised soccer balls

(1) What type of soccer ball should I buy?

PVC ball is commonly cheap football ball while PU ball has higher quality.

(2) What is a size 1 soccer ball?

It also refers to as "minis", having a circumference of 10"-20".

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