Playground Ball

Playground Ball

Playground ball, PVC Playground ball or plastic playground balls, belong to sports ball. Playground ball is a multifunctional ball, because it can be used in many playground games. People especially the children very like playing playground ball, because it's interesting and safe. Rubber covered playground ball / kickball is perfect for the playground or sports field. With water-resistant rubber cover, it allows to play on all surfaces. Constructed to better retain air under vigorous play.

Welcome to buy personalized playground ball from Shangrao ActEarlier CO.,LTD. Different colors of rubber playground ball is available.

Wholesale Playground Balls

Our wholesale playground balls are made from heavy composition PVC (Contains no US banned phthalates and heavy metal elements.). It is NOT a foam ball and comes without foam layer/padding. Our rubber play balls conform to the safety requirements of EU EN71, US CPSIA & ASTM F963-17. Safe to use.

The Classic Games with Personalized Playground Ball

These classic games don't need many equipment, just personalized playground balls.
(1) Five Dollars
This game is also called 500, and has different rules. A player handles a playground ball by throwing, kicking or hitting onto the field or the competition area, while other players stand around the field and earn money by pitching.

(2) SPUD
This game need a soft playground ball. A Child is chosen as "It". He starts counting to 10, and other children run away, stopping in place when the counting finished. “It” can take four big steps at any child and then try to hit them with the ball.

(3) Keep Away
This game requires a soft playground ball and three children. Two kids put themselves in the predetermined areas and throw the ball back and forth, and the third kid in the middle trying to catch it.

Why Choose Personalized Playground Ball as A Gift?

(1) Personalized playground ball has various usages. It can be used as kickball or dodge ball.
(2) Personalized playground ball is not expensive.but can bring happiness to your friends.
(3) You can order a personalized playground ball with certain names, color or decorative pattern, which can show how much you value your friend.

Advantages of Actearlier Personalized Playground Ball

Easy inflation & deflation: 
Insert the needle into the air hole for inflation; 
Insert the needle only without the barrel of the pump for deflation; 
No additional plug needed to close the air hole.

FAQS of Personalized Playground Ball

(1) What is a playground ball?

It is a soft ball with inflatable colored rubber played by kids in simple games.

(2) What size is a playground ball?

Rubber play balls are commonly 8.5 inches of diameter, but can also have other diameters, such as 6 inches or 10 inches.

(3) What color of playground ball is suitable for party?

You can choose any color for different parties. For example, you can choose white ball for wedding party, and red ball for new year party.

(4) Will a playground ball hurt people?

The rubber playground ball is made of soft material, so it won't hurt people.

(5) Is there age limit for playing a playground ball?

There is no age limit for playing a playground ball.

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