Custom made basketball is popular around the world, as many people like playing basketball and watching basketball match. Basketball is played by two teams. Each team has five members who try to toss the ball to the opponent's basket.

As a professional sales team with 10 years of export experience, Actearlier mainly supplies custom made basketballs to European and American market. We can provide OEM/ODM services by cooperating with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers who have helped many famous companies to produce professional custom basketballs.

If you looking for custom basketball ball and basketball equipment, Actearlier is your right choice.

Types of Custom Made Basketballs

Charm of Custom Made Basketball

Boys who play basketball have team spirit. Many sports can lead a team to great results with the strength of one person, but it never works on the basketball court. Even if you are a strong individual, you will not be able to finish the whole game alone. Only when the team is integrated can we win the final game.

Basketball requires the participants to run fast and react quickly. Regular participation in basketball can make all parts of the muscles solid, so as to build up a healthy body.
To participant basketball, you cannot do it without custom made basketballs.

Advantages of Custom Made Basketballs
  • Uniqueness: the personalized basketball ball can be produced with your demand, such as size, color and decorative pattern. You can also choose to engrave your name on the basketballs.
  • Time effective: because custom printed basketballs are made according to your own requirement, there is less chance of return, so as to save your time.
  • Cost effective: due to less chance of return, the cost of transportation will be saved.

FAQS of custom made basketballs

Can you personalize a basketball?

Self-Design gives players the freedom to get custom leather basketball personalized with plenty of options like your name or favorite NBA, WNBA and G Leaugue logo. Make the game yours by customizing your own basketball.

How do you write your name in basketball?

No player is same. Use Actearlier custom made basketball with your name to keep unique.

Can I paint a basketball?

Don't paint too thick. I'll try to scratch the ball a bit before applying. You can also try fabric coating, which is very durable and may survive more effectively on flexible surfaces.

How do you engrave a basketball?

Engraving a basketball by laser will be a good solution. You can engrave your name to get your own custom printed basketball.

How deep should engraving be?

In engraving process by laser, the marking depth is usually up to 0.005 inches.

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