American Football

American Football

As a kind of rugby sport, American football is one of the most popular sports in North America. Knowing the importance of American Football to countries like USA, ActEarlier are always devoted to producing the most high-quality custom made football. We firmly believe that sports games can effectively help people to build strong bonds with others. Therefore, our custom printed footballs can not only bring you a classic feel while playing it, but they can also lift your sports spirit that makes you a big lover of the game.

Different Types of Custom Designed Footballs for Sale at ActEarlier

At present, ActEarlier can supply a series of custom printed full size leather footballs, which you can customize your own sizes and logos. Our custom designed footballs include official size American football, PU leather custom made football, rubber custom made football, and so on. Moreover, our personalized leather football is cheap and suitable for kids at different ages and even adults! You can check all the available products just below.

And if you cant't find the one that you are looking for down below. We can also offer you other custom choices, including different sizes and materials, to help you better customize your own soccer ball. Contact us now and we can help you create the best solution!

Features of Custom Printed Footballs at ActEarlier (advantages)

  • As you can submit your own design or directly tell us your inspirations, the printed footballs provided by ActEarlier can make your widest imagination come true.
  • With an extruded lace design, ActEarlier’s custom football equipment offers extra durability.
Having various materials for selection, ActEarlier can provide you with various personalised American footballs with different prices. You can find both cheap football accessories and higher-quality ones at ActEarlier.

The Production Process of our Custom American Footballs

1. After the conversation with the customer, the design team of ActEarlier will immediately start to design the sketch of the personalized football and confirm with the customer about it.
2. After the confirmation of the final design, the appropriated leather, linings, and laces will then be selected. 
3. After some special preparation process, the selected leather will be cut into a bend and then die-cut into 4 panels.
4. With the help of skiving machine, the panels mentioned above will be processed to the designed thickness and weight. And the selected lining will be perfectly sewn to each panel.
5. Then the 4 panels will be sewn together and a two-ply rubber bladder will be subsequently inserted to make the ball shape.
The ball will then be laced by the selected laces and inflated. After inflation, the custom American football will then be finally sent for printing and finishing branding.

The Possible Applications of Your Personalized Footballs 

  • Celebrate the victory of big moments of your favorite football teams
  • Create special memories regarding to your football career
  • Give your football coaches and crewmates a special gift 
  • Start your own American football project or courses with promotional footballs with logo

How to Play Custom American Football with your friend

  • Self-throwing and catching
  • One person passes the personalized football, the other runs to catch the ball so as to practice cooperation
  • One person throws the football, the other defends.
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