Established in 2009, Shangrao ActEarlier Co., Ltd has over 10 years of experience in wholesale sports balls and accessories manufacturing. Our factory is located in Shangrao city, Jiangxi Province.

With the advanced production line and upgraded whole manufacturing system we held, our annual production capacity of machines sewn balls and laminated balls has already reached 3 million pieces; and as for the production capacity of PVC balls, toys and rubber balls, it has reached 20 million pieces. Aiming to meet the requirements of our clients all over the world, we have hired a top design team to provide you with the most creative ideas and the highest quality and eco-friendly personalized sports balls. With our 10 years' development in custom sports balls industry, ActEarlier has already gained good reputation in this business and have built a sustainable partnership with our clients.

Custom Sports Ball & Toys by ActEarlier

We have 2 factories focusing on manufacturing wholesale sports balls and toys respectively. We supply custom logo soccer balls, basket ball, volleyball and personalised rugby ball to Europe and USA and other countries in the world. Our toys are especially popular in American and European markets.Inside our site, you can find the best custom logo soccer balls, basket balls, volleyballs, personalized rugby balls and much more. If you are still looking for some perfect customized gifts, ActEarlier can be your best shot!

Popular Custom Sports Balls of ActEarlier

With an annual export volume of $ 5,000,000, our most popular sports ball series are laminated soccer balls, custom outdoor basketballs and personalized rugby balls. Thanks to the efforts and hard work of our creative design team and workers, we have already established stable relationships with our customers all over the world. 

As a professional custom sports balls manufacturer, ActEarlier would love to cooperate with you and become your best personalized supplier.

Our most popular sports ball series are laminated soccer balls, custom outdoor basketball, rugby balls, with an annual export volume of 5million USD. And in toys series (PVC Decal Ball, Couldy Ball, Playground Ball, Jumping Ball, Massage Ball, Fitness Yoga  Ball, Yoga Massage Cushionl, Jump Animal Toys and other popular toys ), the annual export volume reaches 5 million USD. Thanks to our creative design team and the hard work of our workers, they efforts get paid back by the sustainable orders from our clients.

We are would like to cooperation with good businessman, and to be your superior supplier.

Why Choose the Custom Sports Balls produced by ActEarlier

Your benefits of working us are: Direct communication:
you can contact us not only via our business email, but also from our mobile, Skype, Wechat and Facebook accounts.

Financial security:
Your payments will be transferred directly to our company account, not personalized account.

Quality control:
During the production of our personalized sports balls, every step will be monitored carefully by a quality inspector, whose working experience has exceeded 3 years. And our custom sports balls can also pass all the international safety standards, such as CE, SGS, EN71, ST 2012, US CPSIA & ASTM F963 and so on.

Reliable service:
During the production of your personalized sports balls, we can show you sample pictures and videos of the products at any time. 

Diversified product:
Except custom sports balls, we also sell toys. Thus, working with us actually means that you can purchase a series of sports products and toys together at one time, which will effectively save your time and money.

Production Process of Custom Sports Balls at ActEarlier

As it is shown in the pictures above, the production of wholesale sports balls at ActEarlier will go through the following steps: selection of materials, cutting material, proofing, sewing material, packing and delivering, production completion, inspecting products, and checking output.  

How to make a Custom Sport Ball with ActEarlier

For the custom orders of personalized sports balls, you can fill out the form below so that we can know your preference and contact you as soon as possible.

custom made sport ball production process
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