Speed Running Parachute Improves Your Explosive Power

Speed Running Parachute Improves Your Explosive Power

Speed running parachute is designed and made according to the principle of aerodynamics, which is widely used in sports training.

Ⅰ. Speed running parachute for athletes training

The experimental results show that the resistance provided by the speed running parachute increases as its speed increases. It can be widely used in track and field, ball games, cycling, speed skating, swimming and other sports training.

Speed running parachute can practice speed and strength at the same time, which perfectly integrates the two. In this training process, the resistance parachute can help you improve your movement speed, lower limb strength and explosive power.

Using resistance parachute training can effectively increase the resistance load of athletes. The resistance of the athletes is very small at the start, which is conducive to the exertion of speed. With the increase of running speed, the resistance increases. Athletes can get the maximum resistance load at various speeds. The speed running parachute can be directly used in the actual training of athletes without destroying the technical structure. This is especially important in training.

Ⅱ. Advantages of speed running parachute:

1. The surface that provides resistance can be adjusted, so that it can provide different needs according to different individuals, which is unique to the resistance parachute.

2. The parachute is light and easy to carry.

3. High level professional athletes can wear more than two resistance parachutes for special training at the same time.

4. Resistance of 5-15kg can be provided according to different speed.

5. The adjustable belt is suitable for users of various shapes.



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