Speed Running Parachute for the Basketball Physical Training

Speed Running Parachute for the Basketball Physical Training

Drag parachutes are training aids widely used in training programs such as track and field, ball games, and swimming based on the principles of aerodynamics. In the training process, it can well realize the unity of speed training and strength training.

The use of speed running parachute can not only help athletes improve their moving speed, but also promote the explosive power and muscle endurance of the lower limbs to a certain extent. At the same time, training with the help of resistance parachutes can effectively enhance the resistance of athletes. The resistance of the athlete at the start is very small, and with the acceleration process, the resistance load will gradually increase, so that the athlete can obtain the corresponding resistance load at various speeds. Resistance parachute training is simple and easy to implement, and does not destroy the athlete's technical movement structure during training. This is very special and important in training.

In the drag parachute training, athletes should always pay attention to maintaining the stability of the trunk. The resistance load of beginners should not be too large, and a stepwise incremental training method should be adopted. Taking drag parachute training in basketball as an example, we will introduce several common training methods.

Training 1: straight sprint

Speed quality is one of the basic qualities necessary for basketball players. Speed training drag parachute linear acceleration training is also a basic part of this training system. This training method can directly and effectively improve the athlete's short-distance acceleration ability. For example, a player's cut will break through the opponent's defense, and the faster the cut, the greater the threat posed.

Training 2: change direction acceleration

The rhythm of the basketball game is "to master the tempo". If you want to have your own rhythm, you must get it through training. The accelerated training of the resistance parachute changing direction is an effective way to improve the athlete's movement rhythm. This training uses fast-slow-fast rhythm changes to train athletes' body control ability in different competition situations.

Training 3: Half-time return to catch the ball and layup

After successfully completing the above training, we can slightly increase the difficulty, by simulating the game scene, and combining the characteristics of the basketball project to conduct resistance training.



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