Soccer Ball Making Process is Unveiled!

Soccer Ball Making Process is Unveiled!

1. The external composition of soccer ball

Did you know that a little soccer ball is made of several pieces of leather? How many pentagons and how many hexagons are included? The answer is as follows: A total of 32 pieces of leather, including 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

2. soccer ball production process:

Canvas cutting, canvas overlap, canvas drying, sphere sewing, canvas flipping, canvas weighing, embedding airbags, sewing counterweights, inflating spheres, hot molds, metal detection, sphere quality inspection, bonding spheres, ball outer layer, outer layer cutting, outer layer printing, outer layer re-cutting, outer layer sorting, bonding foam layer, foam layer cutting, foam layer bonding, outer layer and foam layer bonding, spherical surface quality inspection and weighing Numbering, spherical surface injection adhesive, drying spherical surface adhesive, spherical surface finishing, soccer ball assembly machine, final shaping, air pressure adjustment, weight inspection, cleaning, temporary packaging storage, 24-hour air inspection, appearance inspection, air pressure inspection, weight Inspection, shape measurement, finished product packaging and boxing.

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