Several Kinds of Materials for Making Soccer Ball

Several Kinds of Materials for Making Soccer Ball

1. Not many people understand the material of soccer ball

What is the most important thing besides players and referees on the football field? Of course it's "soccer". Thousands of spectators and players on the field are the same, their eyes are always watching the movement of the football. Therefore, the official ball of each World Cup is particularly important. The Football Association will usually customize it and take one nice name. A small football brings endless joy to people, and the crowd who likes to play football is huge. However, not many people know the American football products and the materials used in it. Let's talk about the production materials of football.

2. Football is divided into three materials

1) PVC material

This is because the raw materials are cheap, and the finished product is also cheap and easy to accept. The disadvantage is that it is greatly affected by temperature and climate; because of the material, it is easy to crack in winter.

2) Rubber material

The material is better. Most footballs and basketballs on the market use this material. The effect of the temperature on the sphere is small, and it is not easy to deform; it is durable and affordable. It is a good material and the most widely used. A material.

3) Leather material

The football made of leather has good usability and control. Especially the kangaroo skin is better. Because of the material, the price is the highest. The football made of kangaroo leather is hygroscopic and is a good raw material for football. Because of its maneuverability and non-deformable trajectory, it can more truly reflect the athletes' skills and tactics, so footballs made of this material are used in world competitions.



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