Professional Rugby Ball Size

Professional Rugby Ball Size

1. The size of American football ball

Rugby is an elliptic type, and its surface is made of four-piece of the corresponding material. International standard: Rugby must be elliptic and made of four-piece of materials. 

The professional rugby ball size:

Long axis: 280 - 300 millimeters

The perimeter of the long-axis: 740 - 770 millimeters

The perimeter of the short-axis: 580 - 620 millimeters

2. The general differences between rugby and American football ball

Rugby derives from Britain, and it develops and changes continually after spreading to other countries. Many countries, such as America, Canada, and Australia, create their own rugby. The places for rugby, equipment, rules, clothes, the number of players, the sizes of balls, and methods of competition are different. However, it can be generally divided into rugby (also called soft rugby) and American football (also called hard rugby).

Because rugby needs the team spirit of striving, it's very helpful for physical training especially military training. As a result, this sport is also popular in the military, and it's spreading widely. Rugby wins the reputation of "military ball" in western countries.



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