Precautions for Custom Balance Board

Precautions for Custom Balance Board

The custom balance board is made of the same material as the fitness ball and the size of which is around 33 cm or 35 cm, with a variety of colors to choose from. Its bearing capacity is amazing, with bearing weight of 2000 pounds per square inch. At present, its importance and benefits have been gradually recognized by professional sports and rehabilitation medical institutions.

The purpose of using the custom balance board is to let the trainer exercise in an unbalanced state, because when the body is in an unstable state, more muscles (especially transverse abdominal muscle) are needed to improve the balance and stability of the body. Exercise on the balance board can conduct a complete set of sitting, standing or supine exercises. The balance board makes exercise, yoga, Pilates, and most of the daily exercises more difficult and effective. The design focuses on improving abdominal strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.

Precautions for custom balance board

1. Equipped with a special inflator pump. You can also determine the saturation of the balance plate according to their own needs

2. When inflating, be sure to lubricate the air nozzle with soapy water or detergent before inserting the deflation gauge, otherwise it may expand the air nozzle and cause air leakage due to the insertion the deflation gauge.

3. When inflating, first press the place far away from the inflation port to increase the air pressure inside and bulge up the air filling port. Then, insert the air needle into the position of 3/4 needle length carefully, and then the air filling can be completed by rotating one circle.



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