Main Points of Posture When Using Gym Training Resistance Bands

Main Points of Posture When Using Gym Training Resistance Bands

When training with gym training resistance bands, we should pay attention to the training posture. If we train with long-term bad posture, it not only will reduce the training effect, and can not achieve the original training purpose, but also increase the probability of injury. Trainers can refer to the professional gym training resistance bands training video for training.

1. Retract jaw and raise the forehead

At work, it's easy to maintain a bad posture of the head forward. In the resistance band training, if you keep this posture for a long time, it will change the physiological bending of the cervical spine, make the surrounding muscles become stiff, and make the cervical spine degenerate in advance. Therefore, in the gymnastics training resistance bands training, we should keep the mandible slightly inward, not forward tilt.

2. Keep your shoulder down and lift your chest

During the training,relax and put down your shoulders and retract them back. The chest should be lifted at the same time. Because each joint of the body has a most appropriate position for movement, if in a bad position, the pressure and wear of the joint will increase during movement, and eventually lead to injury. So when doing resistance band training, the shoulders should sink as far as possible and retract back.

3. Keep the abdomen and back straight

We need to pay attention to good postures in training. During training, keep the pelvis in neutral position (not forward or backward), and at the same time, the abdomen should be slightly tightened in order to increase the stability of your body and prevent injury.

4. Knees toward toes

The knees should be slightly bent in standing posture training, not too straight. This is because an excessive extension of the knees will lengthen and relax the posterior ligament and soft tissue of the knee, resulting in joint instability and easy injury. In addition, in standing training, the knee joints should be toward the toes, not to buckle in order to prevent medial ligament injury.



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