Introduction of Speed Running Parachute

Introduction of Speed Running Parachute

According to the principle of aerodynamics, speed running parachute is widely used in training aids of track and field, ball games, swimming, and other training items. In the process of training, it can achieve the unity of speed training and strength training.

The training that uses speed running parachute can not only help athletes improve their movement speed, but also improve the explosive force of lower limbs and muscle endurance to a certain extent. At the same time, with the help of the speed running parachute, athletes' resistance ability can be effectively enhanced. The athlete has little resistance at the start while running, but with his acceleration, the resistance load will gradually increase, so that the athlete can obtain the corresponding resistance load at various speeds. Resistance parachute training is simple and easy to implement, which will not damage the athletes' technical movement structure in training, which is very special and particularly important in the process of training.

In the training of the speed running parachute, athletes should pay attention to maintaining the stability of the body at any time.The resistance load for beginners should not be too heavy and beginners should follow the step-by-step training method.

Advantages of speed running parachute:

1. The speed running parachute is light with external bag configuration, and easy to carry.

2. High-level professional athletes can wear more than two speed running parachutes for special training.

3. According to the different speeds, the resistance weight could be provided ranging from 5 to 15kg.

4. An adjustable belt is suitable for users of various body shapes.



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