How to Inflate the Inflatable Horse Toy for Children?

How to Inflate the Inflatable Horse Toy for Children?

Apart from wooden toys and plastic toys, inflatable toys are popular among children. In the market, inflatable chicks, inflatable poppies, inflatable cats, and so on are in shops for selling, and most of them are in the form of animals. Some parents may buy inflatable toys online for their children, but the toys they get aren't filled with air. So, how to inflate the inflatable horse toy for children?

Inflatable toys are toys shaped by the tension and the pressure difference between inside and outside of the thin-film. The volume is small after emitting gases, so it's portable and easy to store. In terms of materials, it can be classified as PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, inflatable products made of TPU and EVA environmentally-friendly materials, inflatable toys made of netted sandwich cloth, and oxford cloth, rubber glue-filled products, and enameled inflatable animals.

Ⅰ. The instruction of inflating the inflatable horse toy for children

1. Find the inflating valve on the inflatable horse toy. Then remove the inflatable plug and inflate it.

2. Inflate it with the foot-type or ordinary inflator. When it's full of air, insert the plug fast.

Ⅱ. Notices when inflating the inflatable horse toy

1. Do not over-inflate, and 90% is enough.

2. Do not inflate high-pressure air or inflate with high-pressure pumps.

3. Stay away from sharp tools during inflating and using.

4. Stay away from fire during inflating and using.

5. Do not kick too hard.

In order to make inflatable horse toys more durable, we need to maintain them appropriately.

Ⅲ. The maintenance of inflatable horse toys

1. Before deflating the inflatable horse toy, please clean the surface of it with a half-dry cloth. Then, deflate it when it's dry, and fold and keep it in a cool and clean place.

2. If the toy has water in it because of inappropriate storage, and the water can't be cleaned completely, please inflate and put the toy in a dry and ventilated place until the water dries up. Please do not store it with water for a long time.

3. If the toy is stored for a long time, please regularly check if it's wet, and it should be inflated and cleaned up in a ventilated place.

Ⅳ. How to repair the inflatable horse toy if it's broken?

During the operation of inflated horse toy, it may be scraped by the hard objects such as zippers and pendants on kids' clothes, and it may be scratched when deflating and folding. So, what we can do if there are small scratches?

Firstly, apply enough glue to the curls with a small brush, press it flat and compress it, stick it firmly, and wait for the glue to dry and set.

Then, some parts that are easy to wear may come unglued, and we can paste the clothes cut as different shapes at the place where the glue comes off. The clothes cut should be bigger than the parts that are easy to wear, and you can use it after the glue dries and sets.

Notices: If the length of the breakage is larger than 5 centimeters, it must be mended with needle and thread first, and it can be repaired; If the breakage is shorter than 5 centimeters, you can directly cut and paste clothes. When you paste and repair, the breakage of toys and clothes should be evenly applied with glue. The clothes used to repair should be a little bigger, and they should be pasted smoothly without pleats and warped edges. After repairing, you can spray water at the place where you repair and check if it's still in a flat or repaired completely.



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