How does the Craft of Soccer Ball Design Affect Soccer Ball?

How does the Craft of Soccer Ball Design Affect Soccer Ball?

Due to the lack of experience for the first time, there was no clear requirement for the ball in the 1930 World Cup. At that time, the two sides mostly negotiated what ball to use before the game, but Argentina and Uruguay in the World Cup final were mortal enemies for decades that year, and the negotiations between the two sides turned into a Spanish-language war.

As a compromise, the Argentine's own custom made footballs can only be used in the first half, and the advantage they built with their balls was reversed by the Uruguayan's three goals in the second half. At that time, the soccer ball played by different teams might be completely different, and thus the outcome of the game is also determined by the ball.

1. Valve technology of soccer ball design

With the advent of valve technology of soccer ball design, the valve position has a higher hardness than other positions. Many long-range shooters in the 1950s mostly aimed at the position of the valve, which was convenient for exerting force with the fastest ball speed.

In the new century, people's focus is not just about waterproofing. they will notice a gradual decrease in the amount of leather, which makes it easier for the player's feet to touch a complete single piece of leather. The reduced weight of the customized soccer ball makes the ball faster, and the softer one allows the players to control it more freely.

2. The craft of soccer ball design affects soccer ball

These details are indeed inconspicuous at first glance, but they affect the development process of soccer ball design. Take the evolution of the one on one end as an example. The superstars of the early century would either pierce the goalkeeper like Ronaldinho or kick out an exaggerated high arc like Raul to shut down one on one threats.

However, as the speed of the ball becomes faster and its weight is reduced, it is easier for forwards to shoot at a faster rate. In the face of a high-speed ball, they can also take advantage of their strength to complete a low arc shot. Therefore, volley shots and low arc shots are mainly ended by one on one in recent years.



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