Do Your Really Understand Basketball?

Do Your Really Understand Basketball?

Basketball is a sport preferred by many boys, and even if you usually play basketball, do you really understand it? In terms of material, the basketballs played outside are mainly divided into three types: PVC basketball, PU basketball, and rubber basketball. 

Ⅰ. How to buy basketball ball?

If you want cheap basketballs for sale, PVC is recommended. This material is not strange to us because it's used to make pipes for home decoration. The advantage of the ball made of this material is cheap, so you won't be sad if it's broken! Of course, it also feels bad to touch!

If you pay attention to the feeling, PU basketball is recommended. PU basketball is soft, so PU is the most popular material. Ninety percent of balls we use in daily life are made of artificial leather. The advantages of it include waterproof, and it can be used indoors and outdoors. Then, it has a high viscosity, and it feels good to touch. However, it's easy to wear out, so it may become slippery after using it for a long time.

If you like the beautiful appearance and excellent elasticity, and you may use it in the area that rained, choose the rubber balls. However, gluing ash will make the surface of rubber balls slippery, and the particles on the surface are easy to wear, affecting the tactility. The features of rubber balls are feeling hard and elastic when it's filled with air, so it's not suitable for the competition.

Ⅱ. The maintenance after you buy basketball ball

1. Choose outdoor balls or indoor balls according to the using occasion. In general, you can choose indoor balls, the basketballs with more PU for flat floors such as the wood floor, the plastic floor, and the water field; you can choose indoor balls for cement floors, street basketball courts, and muddy grounds.

2. Check the gas saturation of basketballs regularly, and it shouldn't be too full or no air. Visual test method: Put the basketball over your head, and slightly drop the basketball to the floor. If it can bounce onto your chest, it's filled appropriately; if it bounces in front, it's overfilled; otherwise, it's not enough.

3. Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the basketball's storage. It can't be stored in areas with high temperatures, such as the heated and airtight trunk. The basketball shouldn't be cleaned by water after using it, and it's better to use a dry cloth to wipe.

4. Please don't apply pressure or gravity to the basketball, such as sit on the basketball when you are spare, or the liner of it may deform or burst.

5. When filling the basketball please wet the ball needle with oil or water first, and slightly insert in the liner. You must fill the basketball with a ball needle. If you use the air valve only, the surface and the liner will be separated.



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