Custom Leather Footballs Make Your Own Ball

Custom Leather Footballs Make Your Own Ball

Football sport starts with a ball, a football game starts with a ball, and the development of a football tribe also starts with a ball. Shangrao ActEarlier Co., Ltd. started making the first football in 2009, and we have tested numerous different versions. The football presented in front of your eyes is a comprehensive production of ActEarlier's insistence on details and high demands on all aspects.

The most detailed is the stitching process of the custom leather footballs. There is no cold machine, only the passion of one stitch and one thread. The whole ball is sewn by hand, and the decoration threads on both sides of the body and the leather rope are used. The saddle stitch method, the diagonal stitch method is used at the splicing place, just to achieve a uniform force, a solid and beautiful effect.

In terms of splicing technology, a splicing method with greater complexity and difficulty than seamless splicing is adopted. This has higher requirements for the production of flowers after double-loop splicing. It is accurate to every stitch of the hand and every millimeter-cut of the leather material, to ensure that there is no gap between the leather materials, and it can still maintain its beauty when inflated.

Perfectionism-like design and production, hope to bring every friend who loves football sports an excellent experience. We are now launching a personalized custom service-custom leather football, to create your own unique football.



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