Agility Ladder - A Good Partner for Child Growth

Agility Ladder - A Good Partner for Child Growth

1. What is agility ladder training

Speed and agility ladder training is also called rope ladder training. It was first used in the training of basketball, football, boxing, and rugby athletes. A ladder rope was used to train athletes' footsteps, flexibility, and agility. Later, it was used by fitness coaches as a pre-training warm-up use for ordinary trainers, and its effect is also very good.

2. Agility ladder training effect

1) Improve children's agility

2) Strengthen children's body balance

3) Strengthen the coordination of children's limbs

4) Improve the timeliness of brain memory

While warming up, the agility ladder can also improve the ability to move quickly and improve the flexibility, balance and coordination of the body. Enhance the function of the small muscle groups of the sole muscles, ankle and knee joints, and reduce the probability of lower limb injuries. Improve the rhythm of body movement.

3. Game introduction

Gameplay 1: Run directly: Just like running, pay attention to the grid every step

How to play 2: Move horizontally: Move sideways and walk horizontally, and your feet cannot run outside the grid

How to play 3: Left foot jump: Jump one grid with left foot, you can also jump with right foot

Game 4: Move left and right: Practice the agility of children moving left and right

Do these gameplays seem very simple? But you must not underestimate them. Through sensory integration games, keep your children away from the phenomenon of "sensory integration disorders" such as inattention, irritability, clumsy, timid, crying, and incompatibility! Let children have a happy childhood, and let agility ladder become a good partner for children's growth.



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