Brief Introduction of Custom Balance Board

Brief Introduction of Custom Balance Board

The custom balance board has a sponge-like softness and tire-like compression resistance, which is mainly used to massage the back and the feet. It can be placed on the chair and the footpad, which plays the role of massaging acupoints unconsciously when people are resting or working.There are massage points on the massage mat to stimulate the acupoints of the human body, which makes people feel comfortable and help people ease fatigue. It is suitable for all people, including those in need of exercise for rehabilitation treatment and office workers.

In addition, the custom balance board helps improve the balanced capacity of people and is suitable for the basic training of various sports, including the balanced capacity in fast-moving sports, such as basketball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball. Besides, it helps prevent injury for the lack of balance.

The office workers who often sit, drivers who often drive, and workers who often bend over to work may have occupational backache diseases. The custom balance board is like a cushion and it can be sandwiched between the neck and the chair back or the waist and chair back. Its using massage particles to massage the waist and the back can relieve the symptoms.

Great pressure exists on the feet of those people such as surgeons, teachers, salesmen, waiters. They often have to spend long hours standing when working. In their spare time, stepping on the custom balance board can help them get relaxed. Tens of Meridians on the foot and the corresponding acupoints can be massaged at the same time, which will promote blood circulation and enhance health vitality.

For the sedentary population, the custom balance board can also be placed under the buttocks for relaxation and massage. It can improve the balance capacity of the waist, the abdomen, and the back and it helps restore the normal physiological curve.



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