What are the Yoga Accessories

What are the Yoga Accessories

1.Yoga stretching belt

It is generally used to exercise muscle strength, stabilize posture and control stretching distance. You can choose different elastic tension belts according to the practice needs.

2.Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat is the most commonyoga accessories, and is the most intimate yoga appliance with the body when practicing yoga. When the practitioner completes a Yoga action in a lying or sitting position, the better effect can be achieved with the help of the yoga mat.

3.Yoga Bag

It has waterproof polyester fabric design, which is fashionable and practical. It has large bag body design, so it is convenient to put yoga mat, clothing, accessories into bag, and is convenient to carry. It is suitable for both beginners and yoga teachers.

4.Yoga antiskid socks

The soft texture is suitable for normal yoga exercise wear. The protruding particles of the sole are specially designed to avoid slipping. When the temperature is low in autumn and winter, they can also keep feet warm. The best age and precautions for practicing yoga

5.Yoga ball

A multipurpose yoga assessor parts is usually used to support a certain part of the body to complete a specific yoga action. Unlike yoga bricks, it doesn't emphasize support, but helps balance the body.

6.Yoga eye pillow

The Yoga pillow with silk cotton fabric is widely used in yoga practice. It covers the eyes, lets the body and mind in a semi sleep state, making us relax completely, which can achieve the best practice effect.

7.Yoga brick

The auxiliary equipment for doing yoga is mainly to prevent pulling when doing difficult movements. The brick grade is divided by hardness. The harder the hardness is, the better the supportability is, and the weight will increase accordingly.

How to choose yoga products

First, yoga suit

Clothing is the most basic equipment. Yoga is relatively soft and has a large range of movements. Therefore, it is required to choose materials with good stretching performance, high sweat absorption performance and air permeability, and it should be not too tight. Yoga clothes are best made of materials that are flexible and sweat absorbing. It is comfortable to wear on the body and can stretch freely. Yoga clothes are basically tight on the upper and loose lower. The top is relatively tight, but the pants must be loose. This is to facilitate the movement. When choosing pants, it is recommended to use pants with rope ends as much as possible.

Second, yoga ball

Yoga ball is also called fitness ball or yoga fitness ball. It's a kind of ball sports tool that matches with sports and fitness. The material is mostly made of soft PVC materials. When the human body contacts with it, the internal inflatable fitness ball will evenly touch the contact part of the human body to produce a massage effect, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation.

Choose the size of yoga fitness ball according to your body. The size of yoga fitness ball has diameter of forty-five centimeters, fifty-five centimeters, sixty-five centimeters, seventy-five centimeters and so on. If you are a petite lady, you can choose forty-five centimeters or fifty-five centimeters yoga fitness ball, while sixty-five centimeters and seventy-five centimeters yoga fitness ball is more suitable for tall men. It is more important to choose a strong and durable fitness ball produced by a regular manufacturer, which should be very flexible and have full security.

Third, yoga mat

The function of yoga mat can prevent the bruise of spine, ankle, hip bone, knee joint and other parts. Yoga mats are made of professional materials, which can not be replaced by other mats. The choice of yoga mat should be targeted. Generally, those who do yoga for the first time can choose a thicker mat, and those who have a certain foundation can choose a thinner one. Many people feel that they don't need cushions to practice yoga at home, and some do it in bed while some do it directly on the floor. In fact, this is not correct, because the hardness and softness of the floor and the bed are not suitable for yoga, and improper handling will cause damage.

Traditional yoga mats are made of cloth, grass and rubber, but these materials can not meet the requirements of antiskid, positioning and shock absorption of yoga. Yoga mat should have stronger grip and antiskid performance, good elasticity, wear resistance and tear resistance so as to play a better protective role in yoga. Whether the yoga mat is easy to lay flat when it is laid on the ground. It is not easy to slip after sweating. Whether it is easy to carry is a question to consider.

① pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and forefinger, and try how pressure resistant it is. The elastic yoga mat has a more protective effect on the human body.

② take an eraser with you before you buy it. Use it to wipe the yoga mat to see if the material is easy to crack.

Fourth, yoga brick

Yoga brick is an auxiliary tool for doing yoga. It is mainly to prevent pulling when doing difficult movements. There are some movements in the yoga position that require full extension of the arms or lower back to touch the ground. The auxiliary brick can help you stretch the pelvis, then slowly adjust the distance between the yoga brick and the ground, and gradually complete the perfect action of self softening and stretching.

The commonly used specifications are 23*15*7.6 centimeters. It is antiskid, waterproof, environmental friendly and non-toxic. It is flexible and crack resistant, light and durable. It can improve your flexibility step by step. It helps each movement achieve the required accuracy. The brick meeting the above requirements is a good yoga brick.



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